Friday, May 7, 2010


Sundance T. Ko, Marketing Manager, Linda Manufacturing Company Limited
In the area of beautifying the womenfolk, X-pression products come to mind, and the products have since become a household name. It is not just about marketing or distribution; X-pression Braids and Weavons have been tested and trusted by fashionable ladies and those who know the value of good products.
Despite this, X-pression products are still relatively cheap, and in a chat with Advertising and Brands, the Director of Solpia Group in Nigeria, the company which produces the products, speaks extensively on the achievements of the company and why X-pression products have been accepted by the consumers.

How long have you been in the industry
We have been in Nigeria since 1997, which makes it 13 years now. However, the Solpia Group as a whole has been in the industry for well over 20 years in the United States of America before expanding to Africa and other parts of the world.

What are the challenges your kind of business is facing in Nigeria
Apart from the general problem of high cost of production occasioned by erratic power situation in the country, multiple taxation and high rate of inflation, I think our major challenge is that of fake and imitation of our products by some crooks.

How have you been able to cope with these
We have employed all available legal means in our fight against fake and imitation of our products. Presently, we have devised a number of programmes aimed at educating the consumers on how best to assist our company in this fight against fake products, and that is by insisting on destroying the labels and tags of every used X –pression Weavon braid.

What is the range of products available in your collection
X –pression collection comprises braid and weavon. In braids, we have X –pression Ultra Braid, which is the best braid in the whole world (if you don’t mind my saying so) and Naomi Plus. We do have a whole lot of styles in weavon, these include X –pression Daniela, Annie Curl, Rose Deep, Shimmer, Ripple wave, Flexy, Yaki flip, Super Mirielle, Mini Mirielle, Diva, Diana, Razor Cut, Liza, T –Curl, Funky, Silky wave, Holly, Mini Bebe, and many more.

What is your coverage area
If by that you mean where our products are sold, then the answer is –all over the world. There is virtually no part of the world that you would walk into a salon and not find X –pression products on display. This was made possible by the substantial number of distributors we have all over Africa, Europe and America. These set of people whom we call our partners in progress have helped us to reach our loyal customers all over the world.

How have you been coping with competition
Very well. You see, competition is good; it brings out the very best in us, spurring us to strive harder in developing new and better products in order to maintain our leadership position in the market. Without competition, the hair industry will be miles behind what it is today.
Do you plan to introduce any new product soon
Yes, certainly. But for now, we are letting our recently introduced weavons, X –pression Daniela, Annie Curl, Rose Deep, Shimmer and Flexy run through the market before we introduce other products.

Where do you wish to see you brand in a few years to come
In the next few years, I expect the X –pression brand to be not just at the top of the pack where it presently is, but miles ahead of other competing brand in terms of quality and market dominance.

Any message for your teeming customers
Our message is still the same as always, X –pression Weavons and braids are still the best in the market. To ensure that you buy only original X –pression product, insist on destroying all used X –pression tags and labels.


  1. This is a really nice interview. I do have a question though...well, two questions, to be exact.
    1. So does this mean that original X-pression braiding hair is only made in Nigeria? I ask this question because I have seen some that says they were made in China. Are those ones fake then?
    2. Where can one purchase original X-pression hair in the US? Because I am yet to see it in any beauty shop I have been to.

    I hope these are questions you can answer. Thank you in advance.

  2. where can one purchase wholesale expression in nigeria please

  3. Hi my name is Nasir I own several companies in South Africa, I would like to buy x-pression hair pieces from Linda Manufacturer in Nigeria I have been trying to call but cant get through. I have sent a email aswel but no reply. Is there anyway to get through to you`rl? my no: 0828577924 i hope get a call soon.

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